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which built on a foundation of more than 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice


It was widely used in China, and is becoming increasingly available in Europe and North America.


that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy



Acupuncture is a system of healing that has been practiced in China for over 2500 years. Acupuncture is a form of therapy in which fine, disposable needles are inserted into specific points on the body call acupoints.


(Chinese Medical Massage —Tui Na) It differs from western massage in that finger and palm pressure is applied using a wide range of techniques. Tuina uses techniques and manipulations to stimulate acupuncture points or other parts of the body surface so as to correct physiological imbalances of the body and achieve curative effects.


Reflexology is sometimes known as Zone Therapy as the body is divided into different zones represented by a point in the foot or hand. Nerve endings are imbedded in feet and hands that then travel to the spinal cord and to various parts of the body.


The procedure involves placing glass cups over specific points on the back and then heating them to create a vacuum. It unblocks lymph nodes alone the spine, which in turn helps the body to work more efficiently.


The application of mild heat to the body, again at particular points, with glowing moxa wool (a finely chopped herb —folium Artemisia), entirely painless and comfortable. It helps blood and lymph circulation and maintains good health.


Cosmetic Acupuncture or Acupuncture facelift is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging and revitalize whole body. It is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles into the acupuncture points on the face.


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. It is primarily concerned with establishing and eradicating the cause of ill health through holistic treatment of the individual. Herbalists use whole plant extracts and believe that by using plants in their natural form, many of the side effects associated with modern medicine can be avoided.


Dr. Han graduated from Dalian University in 1994 and has more than 20 years of experience in Chinese and Western medicine in China and the UK. He is good at pain, emotional illness and so on.

Price checking table

On-call / Walk-in consultation are welcome, and it’s free!



/30 minutes

Acupuncture: £40 /60 minutes

Lamp Heating: £15 /session

Chinese Herbs: £40 /week



/30 minutes

Massage: £35 /45 minutes

Massage: £40 /60 minutes

Reflexology: £25 /30 minutes




Moxibustion: £20 /session

Ear candle: £15 /session


Michael 23/12/2018

I must tell you that I am so much better. In and out car so easy. Movement is 100% better. Many thanks for your work and use of your tallents. Even a full bath may be possible. My future is brighter.

Josephin 21/11/2018

DR HAN was very good, he was very polite as well. Would definitely go back.

Diana 27/03/2019

Just wanted to say a big thanks for your amazing treatments. It has helped me a lot and I have already recommended you to some people who may need your help. Many thanks for the extra minutes you have added on your great package! I will come back again in the future!. Many thanks.

Dionne 24/04/2018

Just want to let you know that my back is feeling better! I'm very happy with the results and will definitely recommend you and will revisit. Thanks again I can now have a pain free flight/holiday!

Amandeep 02/09/2016

Acupuncture was very relaxing & I could feel the pain reduce considerably. The massage was also very good & soothing. I would highly recommend to all. Will plan to visit again. Thank you!

Paula 09/07/2015

Massage was very nice, I liked the firm pressure. Would come back again. Head massage was good as well.

Andy 10/12/2018

Dr Han is a very considerate acupuncturist. He went through my issues with me and treated me accordingly. The outcome was brilliant. A full week pain free.

Kavitha 15/06/2018

Dr Han, I really can't thank you enough ever since we brought Nila to you, she likes a completely different person! Her pain has subsided so much since starting your treatment, and she is so happy! We have recommended you to everyone! Please could you let me know when you can give Nila her next appointment please.

Kerry 14/10/2018

Found him very professional and would definitely go back.

Stefani 20/03/2018

Have had acupuncture and deep massage previously by someone else but found this much better and more beneficial. Was recommended by two people and would highly recommend to others.

Joanne 14/01/2018

Very professional everything was explained step by step and I had great results.

Nichola 05/08/2016

This was my first time of having acupuncture, and now I have had it I feel much better. Having the needles in me felt a bit odd at first, but after a while I really felt relaxed and felt my body relaxing. Overall a really relaxing experience, Dr Han is really kind and helpful.

Monique 29/12/2018

I have a lot of massages due to a sore long ongoing neck/shoulder pain. This is by far the BEST ever massage I've had and had instant relief for a WHILE. Great technique and firm massage which is what I like. Would highly recommend and will definitely be returning.

Sylvia 05/05/2015

I found this place and decided to give it a go in March 2015. I have not looked back since. It's like my weekly treat to myself. We often forget to treat our bodies like the temples they are, but here I do just that. I had crippling back pain and was on a long list of prescribed pain killers. This led to headaches and general Fuzzy sense of life. But now I'm off the pills, no more headaches. The back does still give me trouble when I overdo it. But the pain is manageable. I look fordward to my treatment every week. It makes me feel indestructible, if I hurt my knee, Dr Han fixes it, if my shoulder hurts from a particularly energetic game of badminton he's there. Could not recommend this place enough.

Bradley 13/06/2018

Absolutely excellent service. So much so, that I have booked to go back this week! Traditional and quality treatment and Dr Han is currently dealing with an age old injury I have in neck--- I have already got more movement after just 1 session!! Highly recommended.

Frances 24/08/2016

A wonderful experience, relaxing and enjoyable. Environment was great & the service brilliant.

Sarah 22/03/2019

Very good service. Had acupuncture and an excellent massage afterwards. Would definitely recommend and have done.

Julie 24/01/2019

Very good service. Had acupuncture and an excellent massage afterwards. Would definitely recommend and have done.

Ozair 09/05/2015

I used to suffer with terrible sciatica, it felt like the nerve from my back to my leg had been twisted. Terrible pain, I wasn't able to walk for a few minutes. Then I found acupuncture. It has really helped. Just after a few sessions I started to notice the difference. Once that was no longer a problem I started regular sessions. I work in positions not great for my back and I find a session of acupuncture helps keep me going. Not to mention the quality of the massage afterwards to encourage blood flow is superb.

Mohamed 04/07/2018

Dr Han is a professional who took time to understand what the underlying problem was and then started treatment that was also effective and helps towards long term improvements in health.

Charlotte 06/07/2018

The shop is small, but Dr Han is warm and welcoming. We had a brief consultation before he decided the best course of treatment. Looking to book more sessions with him.